Succurro Corporate Services is a specialist consultancy service that assists private and not-for-profit organisations to achieve their objectives through the implementation of good corporate governance. We work with organisations in developing effective boards, producing meaningful strategic plans, managing enterprise risk, driving organisational change, and producing informative reporting.

Succurro offers a value based approach to working with organisations that is focused on the outcomes, not on the process or documentation. We take the view that we are engaged by clients to solve problems and not just to undertake discrete tasks. Succurro's objective with any engagement is to ensure that we deliver value to the client. We consider engagements as partnerships between our clients and ourselves, and we actively work with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

What is Good Corporate Governance?

Regulators, courts and investors frequently extol the virtues of 'good corporate governance' in organisations but often fail to define exactly what that means. It's often a case of "we'll know it when we see it" or, in the case of the regulators, courts and investors, "we know what it isn't when we see it".

Why Do Not For Profit Organisations Fail?

Succurro does quite a bit of work with developing strategic plans for not-for-profit (NFP) organisations. One of the first questions we ask when starting with a new NFP is "why does this organisation exist?" The usual answer we get back from management is that it serves some essential social need. Fair enough, but is that the real reason why an organisation exists? And if the social needs addressed by each organisation are so essential, then why do so many NFPs struggle to survive or fail all together?