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About Succurro Corporate Services

Succurro Corporate Services is a specialist consultancy service that assists private and not-for-profit organisations to achieve their objectives through the implementation of good corporate governance. We work with organisations in developing effective boards, producing meaningful strategic plans, managing enterprise risk, driving organisational change, and producing informative reporting.

Succurro offers a value based approach to working with organisations that is focused on the outcomes, not on the process or documentation. We take the view that we are engaged by clients to solve problems and not just to undertake discrete tasks. Succurro's objective with any engagement is to ensure that we deliver value to the client. We consider engagements as partnerships between our clients and ourselves, and we actively work with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our Name
Succurrö is a Latin word meaning "to assist, aid or help". The name espouses the company's vision of using our skills to assist organisations achieve their objectives.
Our Logo
The triskelion is an ancient Celtic symbol that symbolises action and progress. The three arms represent Succurro's three core principles in how they work in unison to propel us forward into the future.