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How We Work
Our Principles

Succurro Corporate Services is an existentialist style organisation, meaning that we define our identity through our actions. Our staff have the freedom of choice in how they undertake their work but their actions are always based on our three core principles:

Deliver Value

Everything we do is intended to deliver value to our clients, our company and ourselves. We do not confuse effort or process with achieving results. We focus on achieving outcomes, not on producing deliverables, and we work to solve the problem, not treat the symptoms.

Build Reputation

We are passionate about what we do and it is reflected in our work. We apply that passion with rigor and discipline, and we work for the best outcome for clients, the company and ourselves.

Work in Unity

We consider engagements as partnerships between our clients and ourselves. We actively work with our clients to achieve desired outcomes. We aim for an enduring ongoing "trusted advisor" relationship with our clients. We welcome feedback - we strive to maintain the positive and to quickly address the negative. Our staff do not work alone. Each staff member is supported by the collective experience, skills and resources of the company.

Our Approach

Succurro takes a value based approach to managing the relationship with its clients. We take the view that we are engaged by clients to solve problems and not just to undertake discrete tasks. Succurro's objective with any engagement is to ensure that we deliver value to the client.

We work more as facilitators than suppliers, meaning that we engage our clients in the achievement of objectives by introducing them to tools and techniques in a real world situation. This equips clients to better understand the how the objective was achieved and be able to maintain that success after the engagement is completed.

Succurro's value based approach recognises that business focus and priorities can change as problems become better understood or circumstances change. Succurro accommodates these changes by making the full resources of the company available to achieving the desired outcome rather than just assigned individuals. This means that if the skills required to complete the engagement change, Succurro will deploy the necessary staff with those skills.