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Corporate Governance Assessment
Sometimes understanding the problem is half the problem, particularly when you are looking from the inside out. Succurro can undertake an assessment of the corporate governance in your organisation to determine if it is appropriate for your circumstances. In undertaking this assessment we will look at the adequacy of:
  • Legal Form
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Board Effectiveness
  • Strategic Plans
  • Risk Management
  • Reporting
  • Policies and Procedures
At the completion of the assessment, we will make recommendations of what changes are required to implement the appropriate level of corporate governance in your organisation that that will assist it to achieve its objectives.
Board Effectiveness Review
As the 'mind' of any organisation, an effective board is essential for an organisation to achieve its objectives. Succurro is able to evaluate the effectiveness of your organisation's board by looking at how adequately it satisfies the functions and responsibilities of directing, governing, guiding, monitoring, overseeing, supervising and complying. We can provide recommendations on the most appropriate structure and composition for your organisation's board, develop board charters and provide training to board members about their roles and responsibilities.
Strategic Planning
An organisation without a strategic plan is like a ship without a rudder - it is at the mercy of its environment, blown around by the prevailing winds of opinion, unable to steer away from storms of misfortune, and never really taking its stakeholders to their destination. Succurro can assist your organisation in developing its strategic plan through engaging with your organisation's stakeholders, facilitating the development of your organisation's vision and defining a strategic path to achieving that vision.
Enterprise Risk Management Planning
A strategic plan is only as good as the assumptions upon which it is based. Enterprise risk management involves the identification of those assumptions to identify strategic, environmental and operational risks that could invalidate the strategy. Succurro is able to develop and implement an enterprise risk management plan to protect your organisation from downside risks, as well as allowing it to take advantage of upside risks.
Organisational Change
The best strategic plan in the world is not worth a cent if it cannot be successfully implemented within an organisation. Implementing change is not a simple matter of changing the plan, factors such as organisational culture, internal politics, and individual and group psychology have a strong influence on the success of a change program. Succurro is able to develop and implement an organisational change program that will facilitate the implementation of your organisation's strategic plan.
Corporate Governance Policy and Procedures Development
Policies and procedures are the nuts and bolts of corporate governance in every organisation. However, it is essential to strike to right balance to provide adequate oversight for your organisation's circumstances - too much policy is costly and inflexible, too little is inefficient and open to abuse. The culture of an organisation also needs to be taken into account when developing policy - creative and empowered cultures need policies that are based on principles whereas process based cultures need more prescriptive policies. Succurro is able to develop policies and procedures that are appropriate to the needs of your organisation.
Corporate Sustainability Reporting
It is the responsibility of the management of any organisation to ensure that it is able to continue to exist into the future. Corporate sustainability reporting is about demonstrating to stakeholders that your organisation has a long term future. In essence, it is about long term risk management for your organisation and, to be effective, must link to your organisation's strategy. Succurro can develop a tailored sustainability program and reporting framework for your organisation.