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The not-for-profit sector is becoming increasingly competitive - more government service funding arrangements are being offered through competitive tender and private funding providers are insisting on greater accountability and alignment with strategic objectives. Traditionally, not-for-profit organisations haven't been subjected to competitive pressures or high levels of accountability. As a result, their management, which typically have a background in the provision of not-for-profit services, have little experience in working in this environment.

Not-for-profit organisations that are unable to show how a grant directly relates to their strategic objectives and how they provide value for money will find it difficult to obtain secure funding. As a result, not-for-profit managers are finding themselves spending excessive amounts of time on funding and compliance issues, rather than managing the operations of their organisation.

Succurro Corporate Services is a specialist consultancy service that assists not-for-profit organisations to achieve their objectives through the implementation of good corporate governance. We work with organisations in developing effective boards, producing meaningful strategic plans, managing enterprise risk, driving organisational change, and producing informative reporting.

Succurro operates differently from regular consultancies in that we form a partnership with our clients to achieve actual results in the long term. We work for a fixed fee, agreed at the start and payable over the life of the engagement, and offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

By engaging with Succurro an organisation can reduce its management overheads and reduce the risk of losing funding through compliance issues and unsatisfied stakeholders. This allows managers to concentrate on doing what their organisation does best and get the satisfaction of seeing their organisation reach its full potential and really make a difference.